Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Second Birthday

Monday blog post #32

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Happy 2nd Bday to my little brand  Les Chérubins!!!   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Two years ago, in June 2011 I started my little brand Les Chérubins.

How was my second year?

Second year was a year of learning and becoming more and more aware of where I want to go and which path to choose. The fact that I'm free and able to be spontaneous in everything I do is a true blessing.

I want to acknowledge in regard to the second year of Les Chérubins that I created a lot of new work, participated in 13 fairs, bazaars and markets, participated in lots of workshops, had two group art exhibitions and met lots of creative and beautiful people.

My painting Come Fly With Me

Highlights of the 2nd year

♥ My fellows artisans became my great friends and we meet almost every week to discuss our new ideas, get inspired how to improve our work and to support each other. Love you VidaAly and Gabi and of course baby Bubu (he's always with us)!

♥ In September 2012 I had a group exhibition with Qatar Fine Arts Society exhibiting the painting I made at the workshop I attended earlier in May 2012.

Group exhibition with QFAS

♥ I found a great digital printing company and started making small editions of paper goods (greetings cards, bookmarks, gift tags, ...) all with my illustrations.

Art Bookmarks

♥ In November 2012 I started writing my blog posts once a week, every Monday. That was a really good idea I got from lovely Laura Simms from Create as folk. I'm on her mailing list and I'm receiving lots of great advice about how to improve my work and life.

♥ Another blogger or better to say video blogger I'm following and getting inspired by is cute Mayi Carles and her blog is Heartmade.

Heartmade blog by Mayi Carles

♥ In November 2012 I started using Mad Mimi for creating my Cute emails which I send to my customers and friends who signed up to inform them about the events and promotions.

♥ In December 2012 I invited 10 artists from around the world whom I admiring to do a Christmas card swap with me. Thank you a lot Magaly from Puerto Rico, Heidi from UK, Ella from UK, Anna from Ukraine, Nicolas from France and Tascha from Canada for sending your beautiful and special cards. I'll cherish them forever! 

Christmas Card Swap

♥ In February 2013 I was featured in the most popular Croatian newspapers Jutarnji list on the whole page. 

Jutarnji list

♥ In March 2013 I participated in a workshop at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar at the Design conference called Tasmeem. The workshop I attended was about the felt. You can see me kneeling and massaging the felt :)))

Workshop at VCU-Q

♥ In April 2013 I participated in a printmaking workshop at Msheireb Arts Center with artist and printmaker Jacqueline Yuen Ling Chiu

Workshop at Msheireb Arts Center

♥ Later in April 2013 I was featured in Qatar Tribune on two whole pages and the cover of Chill out.

♥ In May 2013 I had a group art exhibition with the International Artsis Doha with 4 of my paintings painted especially for that exhibition on the theme Between Cultures. 

Group exhibition with International Artists Doha
♥ In May 2013 I started making a new range of products – fabric brooches and key chains with my illustrations.

Fabric key chains

♥ I redecorated my studio with beautiful pieces of furniture from India. 

♥ In June 2013 I participated in the art workshop with my art group International Artists Doha where one of our member Doerte was teaching us scraping and glazing techniques with acrylic paints.

ARTogether with the International Artists Doha

♥ ♥ ♥ I can only add it was a really amazing year and I learned a lot. I love doing my artwork but my husband comes first above everything else. That's why I need to be organized which I'm not. So, my resolution for the next year is getting more organized and efficient. One more resolution for the next year is to attend more workshops as it's a great opportunity to meet wonderful people as well as learn a new skills and techniques. 

There were also lots of things in this second year which didn't turn out like I wished and expected but made me stronger and more determined to made them happen in the coming year. 

At the moment I'm on a deserved vacation and looking forward to the next opportunities and challenges in the Fall! ♥ ♥ ♥

And how was my first year? Here is the answer: 

♥ ♥ ♥ Please share your stories with me! ♥ ♥ ♥

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