Monday, January 21, 2013

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Monday blog post #12

It looks like the weather is getting nicer and nicer here in Doha, so I went to the beach on Friday to paint. I thought I will be alone there  but the beach was full and some brave or crazy people were swimming in the sea??? I was wearing long sleeves and my flip flops :)
One man approached me, he is a doctor but likes to paint. That is his hobby. He kept coming to see how the painting is coming and at one point he brought me some metal thing he found in a sand, it was a metal label for a bikini and suggested me to use it to be able to paint straight line. I was really grateful for that it helped me a lot :) and I will also use it to glue it on a painting because it goes perfect with it.
This is the painting I was making, it's still not finished but I'm really happy how it looks like so far.

My idea is to make prints and Valentine's cards with this illustration. I will finish it this week and post the final result on Monday blog post #13.

This week I finally finished big order for brooches and delivered them even 2 weeks earlier than we agreed on so the customer was really happy!

handmade brooches by Dominika
handmade Bird of Paradise brooches by Dominika

handmade cupcake brooches by Dominika

handmade tea cup brooches by Dominika

And sugar at the end!
I want to feature two amazing artists, I did the card swap with them.

Nicolas from France
I love everything Nicolas does, and his wife is making jewelery with his illustrations. Amazing family!
Thank you a lot Nicolas!

Tascha from Canada
Tascha inspires me with her beautiful and colorful paintings.
She sent me so lovely card with the lovely message inside. Thank you my dear Tascha!

Here is the photo of all cards I have received so far from artists I admire (I have already featured the rest of them in my Monday blog post #9). I'm in love with them and will keep them forever! I'm thinking to frame them, that would look so nice :)

Thank you 

Magaly from Puerto Rico  
Heidi from UK 
Ella from UK 
Anna from Ukraine
Nicolas from France
Tascha from Canada  
for doing card swap with me and hope to do it again next year, oh sorry this year!!!!

I'm expecting few more cards but I gave my Croatian  address so I won't be able to see them before my next trip to Croatia.

Love and hugs!

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