Monday, January 28, 2013

Pirate and Gypsy

Monday blog post #13

Hello my lovely and dear readers!

Last week I've been really busy with my new illustrations. I can't say which one I like more. They are a bit different from my previous work.

French Bulldog Pirate

Foxy Gypsy

I also finished one painting which is going to be for sale at my upcoming exhibition with an International Artist Doha group in March.

Between 1

The Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar (every first Saturday of each month) became so popular that I barely managed to reserve my table and still am not sure if I'm going to get it but hopefully one table will be free for me :) So, if you live in Doha and are free stop by and say hello! I'm planing to have lovely new stuff just for this event :)

Love and hugs!

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