Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to Doha

Monday blog post #11

You know how people bring books or magazines with them when they travel by train? Not me :) I brought my sewing kit and fabrics I prepared for making brooches. It was the best way I spent my time traveling by train so far. I don't have a photo but trust me I looked weird :))))) Nowadays you can't even see an old women knitting and imagine me with the needle and everything in my lap. I almost finished all the brooches for my big order, my mom helped me a lot. She's the best!

I also made few custom ordered brooches and one owl phone case.

handmade owl phone case by Dominika

handmade owl brooch Heidi by Dominika

handmade owl brooch Tina by Dominika

handmade elephant brooch Avril by Dominika

I came back to Doha on Saturday night. It's freezing here, only 18 degrees. We even need to use a little radiator to warm up our apartment.
Finally I have my camera so the next post will be with much nicer photos  I promise you :) 

Love and hugs


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