Monday, May 6, 2013

Group Exhibition with the International Artists Doha

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I'm really happy happy happy! And as I met one wonderful lady yesterday at the workshop at Katara Art Center about how to build artist portfolio, she wrote me a message this morning 'you should put in your portfolio that you are happy and cheerful person'. How nice :)))

And lots of, lots of similar and lovely comments we all got at our 3rd Annual Group Exhibition of International Artists Doha which was held in Education City from 1-4th May.

Opening of the exhibition was amazing, with such a lovely crowd of our friends, family members and art practitioners and  admirers. More than 200 people were there just for the opening night.

with my hubby and friends

I'm also proud that my Ambassador from Croatia Mr. Bosnjak came with his lovely wife Gordana. I got a lovely email from them this morning.

Next day we had even more then 200 visitors but this time they were students from local schools. They came to see our exhibition with their teachers, and to make notes and sketches of the works they liked the most.
Talking with them and hearing their comments about our works was such a fun. They were so amazing and honest. God bless them! Most of them commented that my paintings make them happy, confused and they have a feeling like they are in a cartoon or in a nice dream.

Press coverage this year was great. Lots of newspapers wrote articles about our really successful exhibition and as I'm in charge of our group Facebook Page I can see huge interest in our group not just in a way of commenting and liking but also asking to join us.

I like this article in Qatar Tribune

I'm really thankful for being part of this beautiful group of 22 artists from 13 different countries. We are all different and have different styles, different approaches but we together make such a nice group.

International Artists Doha,  photo by Shahir Aboobacker

For this exhibition we were all working on one theme 'Between cultures'.
We all expressed our feelings about life in Qatar combined with things we brought with us from our own countries.
Between 1, acrylic on canvas 30x30cm by Dominika Bozic
We all made one work 30x30cm for silent auction and my painting 'Between 1' got 7 bids!

Between 2, acrylic on canvas 40x40cm by Dominika Bozic
Between 3, acrylic on canvas 40x40cm by Dominika Bozic

Between 4, acrylic on canvas 80x80cm by Dominika Bozic
Thank you all for making our exhibition such a success and hope to see you at my next event - Doha Mums Summer Market on 11th May from 11am-4pm at Radisson Blu Hotel in Doha.

Sending you my smile with love,

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  1. This exhibition looks really awesome. I will be also going to attend my friend’s art exhibition at one of event space Chicago and planning to help her in arranging for the day. Many artists will take part in this shoe and will try to help my friend to make it really best and amazing.


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