Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabulous year

A story about Les Chérubins

Exactly a year ago, in June 2011 I  took part in community classes provided at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar (VCUQ) with Zelda Harrison from NYC and became inspired to create my own little brand, Les Chérubins. Since then I created my Blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Etsy Shop.

I became a member of four art groups in Qatar: International Artist Doha (IAD), Qatar Fine Arts Society, Common Thread and QatART and had two art exhibitions and 10 craft fairs since November 2011. Through this groups I met lots of unique, creative and lovely people who gave me strength and inspiration to continue with my work.

I also started a project Les Chérubins ♥ Inspired By You to thank all the people who support my creative work, who's kind words keep me going forward because **You** are my inspiration.
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I'm writing you this because a year ago I was thinking painting and creating handmade stuff can only be my hobby but in this one year I learned that if you really want to make something out of it, you have to work hard and have a passion and love for that. My big dream was also to have my own art studio and my dream came true!!!

Although I'm a newbie as an freelancer, lots of people told me that I inspired them to start something they always wish to do. What is the most important: follow your dream and work hard with love to make it happen!

From June to September there are no craft shows in Doha and I'm going on a vacation to Croatia. I will be working on custom orders, project Les Chérubins ♥ Inspired By You and illustrations for children's book.

If you have any ideas and wishes please don't hesitate to contact me on my email or leave a message on any of my social media pages :)

I made a little photo slide show with a story about me and my little brand Les Chérubins just for you, hope you will enjoy it :))))

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