Monday, October 7, 2013

Giving back to community

Monday blog post #48

Happy to see you :)

This Monday blog post is about giving back to community.

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013

It is going to be 3 years in January since I've moved to Qatar. I can't believe how time flies when you enjoy what you do, when you explore new opportunities and meet new people. Qatar became my home and I've decided to give back to this community.

Giving back to community doesn't need to include money but giving a bit of your free time and your heart.

On Friday it was a really hot day around 40 degrees or even more and we were getting ready for Ladies of Harley Breast Cancer Awareness Day event. It's my 3rd year now since I've became active in this event. It was organized at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Doha and it was beautiful. Hayat cancer support group representative was also present. I told her about my initiative for raising money for the breast cancer patients who need money for the treatment and she was so happy and promised to put me in contact with them. I want to thank Margarita for organizing everything and giving me the opportunity for being involved in such an amazing event.

Harley riders

Just a quick reminder about my initiative: I painted a painting Little Pink Angel and made 5 different items, paper goods with that image. I'm selling them at the events and online. You can find them all on this link

On Saturday I was at the Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar from 12-5pm. I almost melted how hot it was, 41 degrees. My friend Aly saved me with a big shade she brought. If there wasn't her I wouldn't be even considering of staying in the sun. There was not many customers but those who came were really supportive and they melted my heart :)

Here are some photos to see how I managed to survive even I got sunburned :)))

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013

MIA PARK BAZAAR October 2013
Next event will be on 19th October at the Ritz Carlton Hotel from 10am-12pm where you will be able to buy items with the Little Pink Angel illustration. Hope to see you there!

Sending you my smile with love,

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