Monday, February 18, 2013

did you know...

Monday blog post #16

My friend Laura from Cupcakes for Clara gave me this fabulous idea to write one blog post with random facts about myself. Hope it will be interesting for you to read it.

1 ~  I'm the middle child of three sisters. My older sister Anita lives in Italy, in  Rome and my younger sister Marija lives in Croatia, in Osijek. We had a beautiful childhood by 1991 when the war hit Croatia.

2 ~ When I was little my older sister and me spent our summer holidays at my grandparents home in Subotica, Serbia. My grandmother was a cook so she used to prepare all kinds of homemade dishes (jams, pastas, ...) and we were selling them at the market. That was my first experience of standing behind the stand :)

3 ~ My parents were always in sport, my father played football and my mother volleyball so it was inevitable to go in that direction. I played volleyball from when I was 11 to 18, first for my school and then for a club in Osijek. I was technician.

4 ~ I met my husband in Croatia, in Zagreb during my studies and we got married in 2005. We lived in Croatia by 2011 when we moved to Qatar.

5 ~ My husband adores bikes and cars and I'm a kind of person who says it's a big or small or white or red :))) He is ridding a Harley and I sometimes go with him, and no I'm not scarred, I really enjoy riding with him.

6 ~ When I was in school I hated reading books and I'm still not a big fan of them. I like books with lots of pictures :) but one book I remember I really liked and I was only 10 but I managed to read the whole book in just a few days, a book with around 400 pages. It was the Pippi Longstocking.

7 ~ I played with dolls until I went to high school :)))))  I even made clothes for Barby. I pretended to be a tailor and my younger sister was picking clothes from some fashion catalog... funny days!!! When I was a bit older I started making my own clothes but every time my grandmother, who was a tailor had to intervene :)))  I even had a fashion show with my colleges from university and my father's employees (he had a company for making kids clothes) helped me to sew the clothes and shoes for that show (I have some photos from that show somewhere, if I find them I will post them later on).

8 ~ In June 2011 I started with my own brand, building it from the scratch. In November 2011 I presented my work at my first fair - International Holiday Bazaar in Doha. I got lots of positive comments and that gave me a boost to continue.

9 ~ Since then I participated in lots of bazaars, markets, fairs, pop up shops and I had 3 art exhibitions one with International Artists Doha and two with Qatar Fine Arts Society.

10 ~ I so love what I'm doing in my life, I'm enjoying every second of my day! Hope it shows in my work :)))

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed while reading it?!
Have you written a "random facts" post?
I would love to come and take a peek so leave me a link in the comment section below this post.

Love and hugs,


  1. Domi, ovo je bilo suuuper zabavno za procitati! Neke sam stvari vec znala, a neke su totalno iznenadjenje (npr. da si se igrala barbikama do srednje skole i da si kao mala prodavala pekmez na placu :D) iznenadjenjima nikad kraja! Ljub puno! Ana

    1. e da Anuška moja, svašta se toga izdogađalo u mom malom životu, kad trebaš to sabrati, 10 točaka naravno nije dovoljno :)

  2. Super, rekla sam ti i zadnji put da obozavam citati tako o kolegama umjetnicima iz drugih krajeva...zanimljivo mi je sve to jer je svaki imao drukciji put! Bas si bila slatka u onoj pletenoj opravici, a imala si i grijace za rukice..jojjjjjjj :) Mmmmm...super ideja o tome da napisem i sama random post...ako budem javim :) bacini xoxox

  3. Da i meni je zanimljivo čitati takve stvarčice :))) ajde javi kad napišeš pa da škicnem :)))) puse Dominika


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