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Colorful and cheerful angel paintings

Monday blog post #15

Happy, happy, happy and  blooming! That's how I feel!

It all started with an email from editor of  Croatian newspapers Jutarnji list. She asked to write a story about me and my work. I had to answer on bunch of question and she wrote a beautiful story about me and my work.
Here it is:

Click here to see the article in full size (in Croatian)

Dominika Bozic, owner of Les Chérubins
All Qatar is buzzing about Croatian colorful and cheerful angels
She grew up in Osijek, studied in Zagreb, and then her life gave her completely different adventure - she moved from Croatia and bravely decided to present her talent in a foreign country.

Dominika Bozic grew up in Osijek and from the earliest ages she was surrounded by sewing machines as her grandmother was a tailor and her father had a company for making kids clothes for more than ten years. That mainly influenced on her life path, thinks Dominika. After she finished Gymnasium she went to Zagreb where she finished University of clothing and textile design.

Parents put her first paintings all over their house

While she was still in university she started painting and her parents were so proud of her first work that they decided to put them all around their house where they have remained until today.

Decision which changes everything

During and after university Dominika worked closely with her artist friend Munira Serdarevic on decorating shops' windows, restaurants, interiors for special occasions. People could also see them at the art fairs in Petric Street in Zagreb. She also worked as a Window decorator and designer for interior decorations. Before she had made a decision to make a big change in her life, she worked as a marketing manager for a respectful construction company.
That was two years ago. Her husband was relocated from the Croatian office of a big multinational company. They packed their suitcases and started their life in Qatar, in Doha. The decision was made very quickly although they had no idea what to expect there. It was an adventure they didn't want to let slip away.

Stories and one newspaper article

- It took me some time to figure out how and what to do with my life because I was used to going to work. Once a month I attended Professional Women Network meetings where I had a chance to hear stories from expats ,some of whom found a job here. I found an article about the art exhibition of International Artists Doha in local newspapers and I contacted them. After the interview and presentation of my portfolio they accepted me to the group, which now has 22 members from 13 different countries - says Dominika while she's preparing for her next exhibition with a group of  International Artists Doha which will take place in March.
- Exhibitions are not enough to be noticed, especially if they are group exhibitions, therefor I'm trying to be present at as many fairs throughout Doha. They are organized by different groups (American Women Association, Doha Mums), hotels,  schools, universities and my favorite one is at the Museum of Islamic Art Park because it is always lively, where people come not only to take a stroll between stands, they also come to have a picnic on the grass - says Dominika owner of Les Chérubins, popular and respected brand amongst admirers of nice things, especially paintings, her brand's trademark. The most present motifs in her work are angels (Les Chérubins in French means Cherubs - order of angels).

- I love painting angels, they are always either people I know or other people tell me stories about them and I transfer to the canvas one thing which impressed me the most from their story. For my first exhibition in March 2012 I didn't have any idea what to paint, and it was already February. Then I got terrible news that my father had suddenly passed away of a strong heart attack. I was devastated but I was determined to make paintings for that exhibition. I painted all my family members as angels and dedicated it to my father - remembers Dominika while she adds that she started making prints which can be framed, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, bookmarks all with her illustrations. Besides that she also makes monster plush toys, brooches and key chains made in felt, which became famous in Qatar and wider.

When her eyes are closed

- I'm fascinated by that material because it's possible to make lots of shapes with it, but with lots of patience and love because it's all handmade. You can see my work on my Facebook page LesCherubinsArt and I also write a blog about my life and work in Doha - says Dominika. When being asked what painting means to her, she simply answers:
- Painting for me means expressing my subconsciousness, what I see when I close my eyes or while I stare at something for a while and see something else. That fascinates me and I simply have to paint it.


And that's not all :)
This week was full of happenings. I attended a workshop organized by HOPE Qatar with four famous Indian artists who paint either with their foot or mouth. It was challenging and hard to draw with my mouth but I was persistent and they showed me how they do it so I was pretty happy with the result :)

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Mouth drawing is challenging

Mouth drawing is hard

Mouth and foot drawing

mouth drawing by Dominika
Then on Saturday 9th February, restaurant Sugar and Spice was celebrating their 1st Bday and they had favors for their costumers. You remember huge order I made for one costumer? That was them :)

My hubby, the owner of Sugar and Spice and me

Sugar and Spice restaurant at Lagoona Mall, Doha, Qatar

Happy costumers with my cup and cupcake brooches

To wrap it up, I finally celebrated my success with my hubby, we went for a nice lunch and took a walk at my favorite place in Doha - Souq Wakif :) We also visited one street dedicated only to handcrafts, where you can see craftsman making jewelery, lamp shades, souvenirs... just have to love it!

Souq Wakif
Souq Wakif

In between all that I went to the fabric souq and bought new fabrics for my brooches. I love them!!!

Handmade owl brooch Mireya

Les Chérubins

by Dominika

Handmade owl brooch Oliviane

Les Chérubins

by Dominika

More new brooches available now find in my Facebook album Available brooches

Love and hugs

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