Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kind words which made my heart melt

Wednesday blog post #9

I would like to say big huge thank you once again to all my "clients" or better to say friends for the kind and warm words they wrote about my work. They made my heart melt and jump around from all  the happiness. It really means a lot, a lot, a lot so I have a big motivation to continue working on my artworks.
You can read them on a page I've created just for Client feedback and if you are a happy owner of any of my work please send me few words to my email so I can include your feedback too.

I have to admit that the time started to fly and I have so many ideas and few opportunities that came up but they are still just in the air so I don't want to say anything. I also met few great creatives from Krakow and we will try to meet once a week to brainstorm the ideas and motivate each other. How great is that!? I was dreaming about something like this because I had it while I lived in Doha and I missed being surrounded with likeminded people. I also started going to yoga classes in my neighborhood. Things are slowly falling into the place and I am starting to being more relaxed with my new life here.

I am working on ideas for my new edition of Christmas/Holidays paintings and this is a sneak peak :D

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