Client feedback


"Dominika I can't begin to tell you how much my little girls love their personalized ballerina painting with added touches of using their color hair, adding their names and matching headbands
The littlest one hugs her "sweet dreams" cuddle pillow to sleep every night. It's truly gorgeous and a beautiful addition to her room decor as is the door hanger which you kindly made by framing a hand painted cuddle doll in their favorite colors and added the sweet touch of their names in a heart.
You've truly added a lot of beauty and warmth to their bedroom and for that I'm grateful to have met you, and for your wonderful talent that you abundantly share with us and all your fans worldwide x
I'm so in love with your work that I bought both a beautiful painting and cuddle toy (from your existing work) for my little cousin that'll be born in December. They were the first decoration items the mother received and became the base for the rest of the room decor."


"Domi, thank you so much for the beautiful painting of Grace and her cat exploring the world. It is a lovely record of the places she visited while we were living in Doha. The painting is proudly displayed in her new bedroom and brings us all so much enjoyment. You are truly talented. Thank you!"


"Dear Dominika, thank you so much for the amazing paintings you have created for my nephews. You are one of a few artists that I met in my life that work completely from their heart. The sailors themed painting for the twins was just adorable and fit so well with their room. The cuteness of the illustrations of the twins was just a beautiful representation of their characters. In regards to the second painting, you have truly made baby Joe's room so warm and soft. The expressions of your brush have a lot of warmth and the whole idea you came up with which is "Reach for the Stars" is so deep and a concept that the baby will look up to all his life. Thank you so much for always being cooperative and positive in your approach. You truly are a professionally creative artist that is filled with a lot of passion to art!"


"Dear Dominika, your package with the cushion and a baby body arrived today and I have to admit, it made me cry! Everything is so beautiful and gentle!!! Thank you for everything. And everything is even more beautiful in live! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are a true artist ******"


"Proud owner of several works of art by Dominika / Les Cherubins, including a glorious painting, couple of prints, a sweet cuddle cloud pillow and a brooch.
Your art is beautiful, warm, buzzing with bright, vivacious colours; a glimpse always makes me smile and never fails to brighten up my day. The painting, the prints, the pillow, the brooch, they all bring out the child in me and remind me of my sweet childhood. Being surrounded by such beauty is a true delight. I look forward to my next Domi painting!"


"I felt really thrilled when I first came across Dominika's work on Facebook so I wanted to get something for my daughter. I wanted to get something that everyone would see and admire. I decided to get a hand painted T-shirt. I contacted Dominika and we arranged everything very quickly. I gave her some guidelines but the details were left to her. It came out absolutely amazing! The T-shirt is exceptionally beautiful with fine, splendid details on the sleeves. Besides being beautiful, it's also of excellent quality. Thank you!"


"Working with Dominika was a wonderful experience! I had an idea and her amazing talent brought it to fruition.

My initial contact with Dominika was pleasant and warm. She was very excited to work with me and was completely committed to capturing every detail. She was very patient and open-minded to all of my ideas and brought my visions to life.

The paintings are amazing and they capture my daughter, and her special features, in four seasons. The special designs, vibrant colors, and attention to details are truly an expression of Dominika's unique and incredible craft. These four treasures will forever be cherished keepsakes and will always be hung in my home proudly!"


Wow it all looks so beautiful! We are so so pleased with the result, Thank you once again❣


Hi Domi, the painting has arrived! It's beautiful. Thank you so much.

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