Monday, September 2, 2013

Queen's Guard Angel

Monday blog post #43

Hello! You found me :))))

What's going on over here??
I was working on a new commission this week, a new custom ordered painting for a newborn baby on a theme Queen's Guard.

Queen's Guard Angel
acrylic on canvas
by Dominika Bozic
August, 2013

Queen's Guard Angel by Dominika Bozic

Queen's Guard Angel by Dominika Bozic (in progress)

Queen's Guard Angel by Dominika Bozic (in progress)


I also started the preparations for new craft market at the new art school Inspiration Station on Saturday 7th September. It's a new place where people will be able to learn new skills like painting, drawing, sewing, crocheting and more. A place where I will certainly go to get inspired and hang out with other artsy people :) I can't wait for the official opening and to show you how it looks like.

Click here to find out more information about the Craft Market.

Here are some photos I took last week when I went with my friend Gabi from Gab Atelier to meet with the owner of the school, adorable and friendly Mel.

 Gabi, baby Bubu, Mel and me in the cozy room

 Mel, me, Gabi and baby Bubu in the cozy room 

As you can see, decoration is in progress and it already looks amazing.
Hope to see you there on Saturday!!!!

Sending you my smile with love,

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