Monday, February 25, 2013

Angel with a flower in her hair

Monday blog post #17

Hello my lovely friend!

As you may know I'm a member of International Artist Doha IAD and we are now preparing for our exhibition which supposed to be in March but  it is postponed until 1st May. Now I have plenty of time :))) I don't like working under a pressure, no one does, I know.
We sometimes meet and paint together. It's nice to see what other members are painting, how they do it and hear their comments and suggestions about your work. Last night we had our ARTogether where I continued with one of my painting for the exhibition. This is what I've painted so far. It presents West Bay in Doha where all the business buildings and hotels are and the corniche by the sea.

Angel with a flower in her hair
Last week I submitted one of my sketches for my new painting to Lega-lega contest.  I'm really thankful for all your votes and your comments on my Facebook Page! You are the best! Unfortunately my sketch is not going to a final :(((
I will try to make print on a t-shirt on my own just to see how will that look like and I already got an order for the painting based on that sketch :)

Angel with a flower in her hair

More brooches
Thank you all for ordering brooches and bookmarks, it's fun creating them with new fabrics and upon your wishes!

Handmade owl brooch Wany

Handmade owl bookmark Emeri
Handmade owl bookmark Allura

Handmade little heart brooch Live

More custom ordered brooches and bookmarks you can see if you click here

Sending you my smile with love,

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