Monday, March 4, 2013

My favourite event

Monday blog post #18

My favorite event in Doha is Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar.
I love spending time outdoor and in Qatar people are most of the time indoor, in shopping malls, at home, at work, in a gym...
During weekend, specially this time of the year, before it becomes too hot, people go to parks and on corniche,  where they have picnic and spend their free time with their families.
This Bazaar is also a great way to spend time strolling between the booths and to grab something for eat. There are variety of food from Italian, Thai, Arabic... and plenty of handmade products and artworks and even used books.
Thank you all for coming this Saturday and hope to see you again on April 6th !

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Some bunny loves you

I've prepared new products related to Easter all with image of my newest handmade brooch Bunny with balloon Sebastien.

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Brooch bunny with balloon Sebastien

 And Easter postcards

Sending you my smile with love,

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