Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend to remeber

Weekend started on Thursday night (since I live in Qatar, Friday and Saturday are days off, at least for my husband). We were invited to a bbq at our friends house and we were all positively surprised when we saw they have Bedouin style tent in their backyard with the aircon, tv and sofas. There were lots of us but we all wanted to be inside the tent so we were squeezing in to fit :) btw bbq was delicious, prepared in some special Armenian way.

I didn't want to stay long because on Friday I was volunteering with Ladies of Harley at the Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The event went really good, lots of bikers joined the ride and lots of people came to the event. My dear friend Margarita did a great job by organizing everything and me and my friends are all thankful to her for inviting us to help.

On Saturday I participated in Doha Mums Autumn Market in Radisson Blu Hotel in Doha. It was from 11am - 4pm but we had to come before 9,30am. So after a hole day spent out with Ladies of Harley I had to get up early and thank God I packed everything the night before so I had time to have breakfast.
The Market was really successful for me, especially since I got lots of inquiries for custom made angel paintings and so many compliments about how special and gorgeous my work is. What else do I need? :)))) Also few of my dear friends came to give support :)))) thank you !!! and after I finished we continued our day together by going for a lunch and then for a drink. Just a perfect weekend!!!

more photos from Doha Mums Autumn Market click here

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