Monday, February 17, 2014

Souvenirs from Qatar

Monday blog post #65

My trip to Lisbon got me thinking about souvenirs from Qatar.

photo by me 

In Lisbon I found the shop specialized for souvenirs called Lisbon Shop. You can find about everything you can think of (t-shirts, tote bags, chocolates, sardine canes, sea salt, jams, key chains, magnets, brooches, coasters, jewelry, plushy toys...) with images of tram 28, sardines, rooster or traditional tiles (azulejos) on facade of old house in Lisbon. There are also small shops with products of local artists and designers, small galleries and restaurants/shops all with locally made products.

Sardine from Lisbon
photo by me

In Qatar I believe the best souvenirs can be found at the Souq Wakif, museums and bazaars. Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar also has a nice shop with stuff from local designers and artists. Museums have shops with neat stuff but some of them are not locally made. I found one really nice shop at the Souq Wakif with lamps and you can see how they make them and they can adjust them to your need.

Souq Wakif
photo by me

There are lots of Arts and Crafts Bazaars, Markets and Fairs around Qatar but you need to know when and where.

Here is the list for February and March 2014

22.2.2014 International Family Food Fair at School of London, 1:30-4:30 PM
28.2.2014 the 2014 Friendship Festival at American School of Doha, 12-6PM
1.3.2014 Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar, 12-7PM
8.3.2014 Doha British School 10am-2pm
22.3.2014 Annual Spring Fair at the new Doha College West Bay campus
29.3.2014 Sherborne craft market 12-4pm

One of the nicest is Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar and it's easy to remember that is on every first Saturday of the month from 12-7pm. Present are local artists and designers with their unique and one of a kind artwork.
In Qatar, there are also many painters and photographers who sell their prints or original work with motifs of Qatar and some of them are present at Bazaars, Markets and Fairs as well.
Some shops like Impression Boutique at the Pearl Qatar and Beautiful Things Qatar at Royal Plaza Mall sell products from local designers as well. Every mall has shops with famous oud perfumes and gold jewelry which can be also nice expensive souvenir.

photo by me

I would like to hear from you if you know any cool place to shop for souvenirs and products from Qatar and what is your favorite souvenir you have ever bought?

Sending you my smile with love,


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