Friday, March 18, 2016

Is blogging dying?

Hi my dear friend!

I have to admit I was really bad and was not in the mood of writing my usual Wednesday's posts. I was even considering to stop with this blog and make a static web site... and then... this email arrived to my mailbox yesterday:

Is Blogging Dying? This is What I Think! by Mayi Carles

So, no I am not deleting this blog, I am not making a static web site, I am keeping this blog but will consider to do some changes so I can include my portfolio and display my products a bit better.

I was not active for a really long time so would like to share some of the projects I was working on during this long period.

I was really honored when a girl from a community I was leading while living in Doha - QatART,  asked me to create a logo for her small business. She wanted to have an illustration of an animal meerkat and to be cheerful and colorful. So I started with some sketches and once she decided on a sketch and a color palette I made an illustration and hand calligraphy for her logo. She also asked me to design her business cards. So here is my process, hope you will enjoy it :)

Business cards for a small business Meerkat crafts



Illustration made on canvas with acrylics

hand calligraphy 

Another project were two personalized hand painted cloud pillows, which are great as a decor in a kids rooms.

I couldn't resist to make a little painting for my niece's first birthday, and I've also created a birthday card with that illustration and her older brother (4yo) wrote her name on a piece of paper which I turned into vector and added to the card. After posting the illustration on my social media I was asked to do a toy so I made a toy as well and I love it, I love all about this little unicorn Luci :D

Original illustration Unicorn Luci
Birthday card Unicorn Luci
hand painted cuddle toy Unicorn Luci

hand painted cuddle toy Unicorn Luci

Hope you enjoyed my projects. Please feel free to ask anything in a comment section bellow or post a comment on my Facebook Page or Instagram. And if you are shy I am always here to answer your email so send any question you like to ask at

Sending you my smile with love,

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