Monday, November 4, 2013

A Sneak Peek

Monday blog post #52

I have few questions for you:

Do you agree that sometimes you need a reminder from a stranger?
One lady reminded me this weekend how lucky I am for being able to create my work all day.
Yes indeed, I'm one lucky lady :D
My studio is where I'm really happy, where I can be true me.

Do you like looking at other creative people's photos of their work in progress?
I do!!! And when you see them doing everything by them self, then you have to appreciate their work even more!

Would you like to take a sneak peek at how I made Party Invitations?
Then c'mon over!!!

Invitations are first professionally printed on ivory card stock 350gsm, then I used craft knife to cut them to dimension of 10x16cm.

cutting them to 10x15cm size using scalloped scissors 
cutting them to 10x15cm size using scalloped scissors 

making bows with little bells

attaching the bows with the glue gun

attaching the bows with the glue gun

each invitation goes with the matching envelope 

Taking photos of the final product

This Party Invitations and many more will be for sale at Grand Hyatt Hotel on Saturday, 9th November from 12-8 pm.  You can see all the events I'm participating in November and December on my page Events.

You can see all my paper goods under my page Products.

For online orders please contact me at

Hope to see you on Saturday!!!

Sending you my smile with love,

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