Monday, April 29, 2013

Interview for Qatar Tribune

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What a great feeling when you are reading a story about yourself in a newspaper!!!

I was never enough confident in my work and my writings and was never thinking to write a press release for the magazines and newspapers. Thank God for the internet so journalist and bloggers can find you, check out your work and read about you.

I always encourage my fellow artists and crafters to start a blog or Facebook page because it's for free and that way people can see what you are working on, comment and like your work and you can get free feedback from your potential customers.

Attending fairs and similar events is also a great way for people to see your work in live, to feel it, touch it... also a great way to get feedbacks, get contacts from people so you can send them information about the next event, promotions and similar...
Sometimes, as it happened to me, you can meet journalist or bloggers there and get them interested in your story.

Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar in April

It happened to me this month at the Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar. I came to set up my table although it was a sand storm. I was trying to put my stuff on the table but unsuccessfully, so I left everything in boxes and I was just standing there for 2-3 hours holding my cards to not to be blown off my table.
If my friend Aly wasn't there I would pack my things and go in first 5 minutes but we were chatting and the time passed by. Few minutes before I decided to pack my stuff and go home one girl came to my table and asked me if I'm making those things in my boxes. She was a journalist from the Qatar Tribune. I gave her my contact and she called me few days after to meet for an interview. On Saturday, 27th April they published a story about me in Qatar Tribune newspaper and on their web site. I'm so happy and grateful for that :))))

Dominika Bozic featured in Qatar Tribune 27/04/2013

Dominika Bozic featured in Qatar Tribune 27/04/2013
Dominika Bozic featured in Qatar Tribune 27/04/2013

As I mentioned in my interview, I'm preparing for the exhibition with my art group International Artists Doha from 1-4th May
All the artworks will be for sale and we are also going to have silent auction for our 30x30cm artworks.
I'm so excited!!! Will post about it next Monday :)))

Oh yes, everyone is welcome to come to our exhibition, so hope to see you there!

Sending you my smile with love,

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