Monday, March 18, 2013

Tasmeem 2013

Monday blog post #20

Hi, hello, welcome!

Last week was so intense as I participated in a 5 days workshop at art+design conference here in Doha called Tasmeem.

Tasmeem Doha is the international art and design conference held biennially at VCUQatar.
Over the past eight years, Tasmeem has gathered scholars and practitioners of art and design to discuss critical issues and engage with students and local communities.

Workshop I chose to be a part was FELT CASE STUDY #1 led by amazing artist Hope Ginsburg Carol Derby and Deidre Hoguet from Designtex, Corby Elford postgraduate student at VCU-Q and Richard Lombard material curator at VCU-Q.

We had a great time + we learned new skills by making felt from sheep hair + making a product/installation for our exhibition which took a place on the last day of our workshop.






our felt crew

After successful exhibition we had Friday off and continued with the conference on Saturday and Sunday. We could see lots of really interesting presentations, film festival, Tasmeem exploration platform, exhibitions, laboratories, fashion show. We could make print on a t-shirt and buy products from VCUQs students.

I loved the presentation by Melanie McClintock who is working on a project in Indonesia: Indoartmiks
photo by Melanie McClintock

I bought fabulous brooch and batik fabric made by students and community in Indonesia.

Last day of conference was closed with the famous architect Rem Koolhaas who is working on several amazing projects here in Doha.

Now it's time to start working on your custom orders :)))

Sending you my smile with love,


  1. Thanks Dominika! :)Melanie @Indoartamiks

    1. you are more then welcome Melanie! You are doing a great thing :)


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