Monday, December 17, 2012

Little bit of Croatia

Monday blog post #7

I'm in Croatia at the moment, arrived on Friday, flu for 7 hours from Doha via Budapest to Zagreb.
Came from 25C to 0C brrrrrr
It's not that bad for a change although I don't like cold weather. That was one of the reasons we moved to Qatar, there's always sunny and warm.
So what I've been doing last week?
Preparing for my trip to Croatia and also had one event on Wednesday 12th December - Holiday Welcome morning with people from Shell company. Event was hold in one beautiful villa, in the garden. It was really windy so I put my a little bit different display (we had to bring our own table) in a place where I thought my stuff won't be blown off.

On Tuesday I had a meeting with the owner of one beautiful little restaurant in Doha where they make the best cakes and got an order for making brooches for them. I'm really honored and happy they've chosen me.

Just before I left Doha I finished one custom ordered painting for a boy who likes tractors and he's from UK. That's going to be a Christmas present from his ount.

I also contacted 10 artists, whom I admire and love their work to make a card swap and I've already sent my cards to USA, Canada, Ukraine, UK and France. Can't wait to get their cards with their beautiful illustrations!

Since I came to Croatia people contacted me to buy some Christmas presents from me, so I'm still doing new brooches and few paintings. I have to stop saying yes to people and relax. Oh, I went for a massage today, that's good :) and planing to go there every day, they have special offer for about 40€ for 6 back and neck massages. In Doha I will pay that much for only one massage.

Soon, soon I will be visiting my mom and younger sister and her husband and the most important my little nephew who will be 1 year old on 31th December. I have beautiful Christmas present for him!!!!

I forgot to bring my camera to Croatia and won' be able to take photos otherwise then with my phone :(((( hope you won't mind.

Love and hugs


  1. Have an amazing time while here Dominika...sounds to me like you're already enjoying :D Wish you were closer to me so I could order something for myself as well :( and it would be nice to finally meet you in person and maybe grab a coffee together...maybe, one day :) Have a very Merry Christmas with your family! hugs from me :*

  2. Thank you my dear Antoana. Yes' I'm enjoying being here and be able to see my friends, some of them I haven't seen for 2 years. One day we will have a chance to meet in person and have a coffee of course, maybe next summer :)
    I also wish you and your family beautiful and blessed Christmas and lost of beautiful new illustrations to see from you in 2013!


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