Thursday, October 18, 2012

Giraffe card and brooch

I love to hear ideas from my customers and this one was a birthday card with giraffe brooch on it. Great product for future! I've already discuss this idea few weeks back with my younger sister who I call my manager. She is full of positive criticism and I always show her my ideas before I post it on Facebook. Yes, sometimes it's hurtful to hear that something is not good enough but better to hear from her than from the customers :))) My husband is the same (yes, I have two managers :)))) so if he or she doesn't like my idea I have to work on it more. And my older sister and mother, they just love everything I make. So if I need positive reaction I show my work to them and I'm in a seven heaven!!!!!

Handmade giraffe brooch and handcrafted birthday card by Dominika

Handcrafted card+handmade giraffe brooch by Dominika

handmade giraffe brooch by Dominika


  1. Thank you sweet Dominika! I was just about to say I love, LOVE, these new cards with the brooches on them...very clever and way too cute! Looks absolutely adorable, would be great to see some of your lovely products in our Croatian stores, I know I'd be one happy customer! xxx hugs from me :)

    1. aaaaa thank you my dear!!!
      I need to find some nice gift shops in Croatia and offer them my products. One day...


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