Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time to say goodbye

Wednesday blog post #4

Ooops, I forgot to write my post yesterday. My days are really stressful and busy. I am non-stop on my phone replying emails, calls, messages, what's up messages, Facebook questions and messages... imagine how it is, my head is spinning! I  am selling furniture and stuff that we can't take with us back to Croatia, finishing custom orders, saying goodbye to my friends... It is very emotional time, very stressful, also lack of sleep, forgetting to eat and drink... Can't wait for this all to finish, to sit in a plane, cry my soul out and continue with a new life, new adventure in Poland.

These are my latest painting, I really enjoyed painting them.
'It's a lovely day' and 'Ballerina Stella Sofia'.

'It's a lovely day'

'Ballerina Stella Sofia'

Now off to work on your orders and selling stuff :D

Sending you my smile with love,

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