Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Athens, crabs and goodbye

Wednesday blogpost #3

Wanna know what I have been doing the past two weeks?
First I went to Athens for a vacation while my husband was in a training there.
I had a little bit of everything, tanning at the beach because our hotel was located right at the beach in Kavouri area,  lots of sightseeing, and a day at the spa. 

Athens - Acropolis
Beach - Kavouri area
Guards in front of the Parliament

I also had a little bit of time to make few illustrations for a May's Make Art That Sells Bootcamp assignment which was to create a set of plates from crustacean pattern imagery.
I made couple of illustrations of different crabs and couple of colorful patterns, all in watercolors. After scanning them and editing them in photoshop I started working on a plate design, combining all the icons together. Really amazing assignment and I hope I will have time to make more of them just for fun. Looking forward to our next and last assignment in June :D
You can find a gallery with over 250 designs from different artists on this link (mine is on a page 4 :D).

And yesterday I said goodbye to my artsy friends from my handmade community QatART. In less then a month we are moving for good from Qatar. They prepared a sweet heartwarming gift for me, a jar full of their messages which made me cry :( I will for sure miss all my friends and all I have built in this four and a half years here in Doha.

QatART artisans at the Summer Party

Sending you my smile with love,

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