Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy paintings

Monday blog post #37

Hello hello hello!!!!

How's everything????

I'm great and happy because I'm preparing for one more trip to Croatian coast :))))

What are you doing this summer???? 
Hope you are having a nice time where ever you are :)

I've been really busy bee this summer!
Here are few photos of my newest work.

Happy Angel in progress
Happy Angel by Dominika Bozic

Happy Angel detail by Dominika Bozic

Happy Angel detail by Dominika Bozic

Happy Owl detail by Dominika Bozic

Happy Owl by Dominika Bozic

Lovely blue Angel by Dominika Bozic

Enjoy your summer!

Sending you my smile with love,


  1. i just adore ALL of your paintings, it really is such happy art. i LOVE Happy Angel.
    So this summer i plan to work really hard and create more art, i have my very first art fair in August and am so looking forward to it.
    Happy Summer holidays to you

    1. Oh thank you thank you thank you my dear Heidi!
      You know I'm a big fan of your art too :)))
      I can't wait to see your new artwork and products you are going to prepare for the fair. I wish you huuugeee success!
      I love fairs, bazaars and markets, you can get the feedback on spot and new ideas for the next one :) and have a great time talking to people.
      Happy holidays to you too!
      x Dominika


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