Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheerful Angel

Monday blog post #21

Good morning my friend!

I will start this post from the end :)
So, my weekend was amazing: hubby, friends, club and the beach.
We tried new coffee shop at Katara Cultural Village Chac'late,  where you can buy handmade chocolate or have a Parisian breakfast, a bit pricy but the lavender tea was so nice.

Famous beach around 70 km from our home called Fuwairit was our Saturday destination. While we were driving there it was 30 degrees and once we got there it was around 25 with strong wind and cloudy :(
My brave hubby went for a quick swim while I was sitting on a blanket warped in my towel :)))

Frozen like that we went to a newly opened IKEA store and comparing to outside temperature in the store was like in a freezer. I found beautiful frames for my bunny drawings.

Bunny Nea by Dominika

Bunny Nea by Dominika
And now back to the begging, during the week I was catching up with your custom orders, I painted two paintings 'Guardian Angel' and 'Cheerful Angel Tilla' and I started working on a new painting 'Angel with a flower in her hair' based on my sketch.

Guardian Angel by Dominika

Cheerful Angel Tilla by Dominika

Angel with a flower in her hair by Dominika
 How was your week or weekend?

Sending you my smile with love,

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