Saturday, May 19, 2012

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Fun Day

Yesterday, 18th May Sherborne School Doha organized Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Fun Day with quite a big craft show on the first floor. There were vendors from all around the world, just to mention some: Croatia :)))), Ecuador, Australia, Philippines, India, USA, UK, Italy, Columbia, Dubai... so there you could buy things from all those countries and you don't have to travel :)))
Also school prepared lots of things for kids and parents to have fun and enjoy family day together.

me and my table at craft show
gorgeous 2 sisters wearing my handmade panda brooches

my friends Vida and Gabi

my friend Aly

More photos?


  1. Super su fotke! Baš mi je drago da radiš u tako dobroj atmosferi..:))) lijepi pozzz od Alex

    1. hvala Alex! voljela bih sudjelovati i na nekom od sajmova u Hr, možda ako ima koji u 7., 8. mjesecu? ali su vjerujem svi onda na moru. puse! Dominika


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