Sunday, May 27, 2012

Exhibition:::Workshop:::Summer Market

This Week was so busy for me and I so need a break!!!!.

1. Exhibition
On Wednesday night it was an opening of the 23rd General Exhibition at Katara. 63 local and resident artists (including me), all members of Qatar Fine Arts Society exhibited their latest work. The exhibition runs until late-June and it's located in Katara building 13 - Qatar Fine Art Society.

more photos

2. Workshop
From Thursday to Saturday in the same building QFAS organized a workshop for over 20 artists. That was my first time participating in a workshop like that and a wonderful opportunity to see the creative process of each artist and to meet them!

more photos

3. Doha Mums Summer Market
Saturday early morning straight to Ramada Plaza to set up my table for Doha Mums Summer Market. I prepared some big lips and mustache for taking photos of visitors and vendors and it was so fun!!!!

more photos

The same day, at 8pm I had to be back to Qatar Fine Arts Society at Katara to receive the certificate for participating in the art workshop.

Now it's time to relax :)))))


  1. Looks like you had a full couple of days. You deserve the rest.

  2. What beautiful photos, it looks like you've had a very busy time. I love your fun idea of having the big lips and the mustache for photos! xx

    1. Thank you Yvonne!People were really happy taking photos with mustache and lips, lots of laughing. xx


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