Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thank you Qatar

Wednesday blog post #5

It all happened here in Qatar...
4 years ago I decided to start my little brand Les Chérubins, building it from the scratch. I didn't know anything about the country, about the market, about the customers... I just started with few paintings and printed cards to try out how it will go at one of the bazaars.

My first bazaar at Grand Hyatt Hotel organized by American Women Association  in November 2011

Around the same time, I joined the art group International Artists Doha and everything started picking up little by little. My wings started to grow :D

I really don't know how many markets, bazaars and pop-up shops I have attended in these 4 years but it is quite a number. My favorites were Katara QatART Handmade Markets, Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaars and Doha Mums Markets.

Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar

Here I had the opportunity to exhibit my paintings together with other members of the International Artists Doha as well as with members of the Qatar Fine Arts Society. I still can't believe that I had 7 group exhibition in 3 years! I can now say that my artworks are in many homes around the world.

group photo of the International Artists Doha at the opening of the group exhibition in March 2015

My last group exhibition with the International Artists Doha in March 2015

One of the things I am really proud off is founding and leading the handmade community called QatART.  My dear friend Gabi (who I met at my first bazaar) and I shared the vision of organizing our own markets. With a little help from the manager of the Inspiration Station Mel and with help of lovely friends Aly, Janiththri and Leila our vision started coming alive in 2013. After that 2 more lovely ladies Amira and Kerstin joined the board team and I am really happy that we all shared the same passion to keep the community live, growing and becoming more professional. We managed to agree on collaboration with Katara Art Studios and we got the opportunity to host the community handmade markets, workshops and gatherings at their premisses on a regular basis. I want to give huge thanks to the Katara Art Studios team especially to lovely Miss Hyyeya who is always supportive and always smiling!

QatART handmade community board team. From up left to right Kerstin, me, Amira, Janiththri, Leila and Aly
Some of the members of QatART community at our summer party 2015

Such an amazing things happened here and I am really grateful for all of the opportunities.

I met so so so many talented artists and crafters from all around the globe, that is priceless.

I also met so many lovely customers who became my dear friends.

I will never forget all my lovely friends I've met here and please stay in touch where ever you are. You never know we might end up living in same country!!!

Thank you Qatar for giving me the wings!!!! I will never forget this period of my life.
Hopefully this is not a goodbye and that I will have the opportunity to come back even as a tourist :D

Sending you my smile with love,

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