Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Summer

Monday blog post #79

Hello Summer, original illustration by Dominika Bozic

Hello my beautiful friends!

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This is my little illustration with watercolors and ink inspired by Summer.
If you have made something inspired by Summer please share the link in a comment section bellow so we can all see it!!! Or if you haven't made it I am inviting you to make something :D It could be anything from arts to crafts, food...
I would looooove to see all kinds of different things. So, let's do it! Are you up for it? Yeah? 

I am already in summer mood and on my vacation, enjoying London for the first time. So far (day and a half) I love it :D
Unfortunately no photos yet but hopefully by the end of my trip I will have plenty to share. Until then have a great week and see you again on Monday!

Sending you my smile with love,


  1. I'm in! Next illustration will be something on summer. Enjoy your vacation :)

    1. great Zakkiya! Can't wait to see your summerish creation :D
      Have a lovely summer!

    2. Hi dear. I've just posed for this Summer challenge on my blog here
      Thank you!


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