Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Aviator Angel

Monday blog post #40

Hello my dear friend!
My friend Marijana had an idea for a gift for a newborn baby boy Mauro - a painting which represents his parents. Mom a dentist and dad passionate about airplanes.
It took me some time to combine those two ideas in something that makes sense and I don't know if this illustration makes sense to you but Marijana loves it and I love it :)))
I think little aviator looks gorgeous, I love his pretty airplane and his cute little brown hat.

Little Aviator Angel by Dominika Bozic

My friend and author Mirjana Vadlja was inspired to write a poem about this little guy!
It's so beautiful and happy!
Thank you my dear Mirjana :*

Little Aviator Angel

Surrounded with balloons, sending away bad moods 
He flies across blue skies up, up to the stars.

He's mission is to make us love and laugh a lot. 
Really live life from the heart up, up from the start.

Bravely he carries on, bringing happiness to every home.
Keep on flying my little aviator friend up, up till the end.

poem by Mirjana Vadlja

Commission painting for newborn baby boy Mauro
Little Aviator Angel Mauro
acrylic on canvas
August 2013

Little Aviator Angel Mauro by Dominika Bozic

Little Aviator Angel Mauro by Dominika Bozic, detail

Little Aviator Angel Mauro by Dominika Bozic, detail

Sending you my smile with love,


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