Monday, December 31, 2012

New opportunities in 2013

Monday blog post #9

2013 is almost here!!!!

I wish you all Happy Happy New Year full of new opportunities!!!

The year 2012 for me was full of unexpected things and when I look back it was not that nice year because of my father's death but I can't say only bad things happened, I had lots of nice moments too for which I'm really grateful.

I'm grateful for my husband's love and support so I can do what I love.

I'm grateful for my family and for my nephew who was born on this day 1 year ago.

Happy Birthday my dearest Filip!!!

I'm grateful for getting chance to have 3 exhibitions with my paintings and 16 sale events (bazaars, fairs, markets) in 2012 where people from Qatar had an opportunity to meet me and to have a close look at my work.

I'm grateful for having friends from all around the world.

 I'm grateful for all the artists who inspired me trough the year with their beautiful paintings.

This year I did card swap with some of them and I already got cards from 4  talented artists. I'm so so happy and will keep them forever!

Magaly from Puerto Rico 
Magaly even sent me her original work :) wow!  I love love her childish and whimsical paintings!
Thank you a lot Magaly!

Heidi from UK
Heidi sent me her card + 2 postcards, that was really nice surprise :)
Love her cute and whimsical characters! Thank you my dear Heidi!

Ella from UK
Ella's cute character is Little Curly which I adore! Thank you Ella for your beautiful card!

Anna from Ukraine
Anna is talented young artist and she makes such a cute and gentle illustrations. She sent me such a lovely card! Thank you Anna :*

I'm expecting some more cards and I hope they will arrive while I'm in Croatia.
Few more days in Croatia and I'm traveling back to Doha. I'm really enjoying my time in Croatia with my family and friends!

Have a great New Year's Eve!

Love and hugs

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