Monday, November 5, 2012

Moday blog post # 1

Moday blog post # 1

My new resolution is to write a blog post every Monday, starting today :)
I was looking forward to Eid holidays, most of our friends went for a one week vacation to Oman, Sri Lanka, Croatia and my husband and I got a flu or some kind of cold so we spent most of the time at home drinking fresh juices and tea :(
My custom ordered paintings are waiting for me and there are few upcoming fairs and Bazaars for which I need to prepare... a bit stressful but I'll be fine!

At the moment I'm making illustrations for my new Christmas cards. I also made a little logo to protect my work although I had it before but I think this one is even nicer.

Christmas illustrations by Dominika

Christmas illustrations by Dominika

On Saturday, 3rd November I participated in Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar. This was my 4th time participating in that event and this time it was the best, weather was perfect, no wind, not that hot, and people liked my products, paintings... I made new contacts, met so many nice people... Really nice event and I can recommend it to all fellow artist who live in Qatar to join for the next one on 1st December.

Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar in November
More photos you can find here

Yesterday night, 4th November, I had a great time with my fellow artists from International Artists Doha Group. We had a chance to see a famous artist Mohammed Hamza demonstrating portrait painting just for us.

photo by Salim Abdulla
Hope you enjoyed reading my first Monday blog post, please don't be shy and live your comment in a comment section below or send me an email at


  1. Ja uživam u tvojim krasotama, jedva čekam vidjeti božićne čestitke :-) P.S. sviđa mi se novi logo :-) <3

    1. Hvala ti draga! evo čestitke su gotove i možeš ih vidjeti u najnovijem blog postu :) super sam zadovoljna kako su ispale :)


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