Thursday, January 28, 2016

New hand painted cuddle pillow

Hi my friend!

Lots of things are happening in my studio. I am working on several projects including a logo design, a wedding invitation design and a memory album design. I am also working on a new task for the Fritzi Flock community - an illustration on a theme "The early bird catches the worm". Here is my sketch and I am planing to make the painting on canvas with acrylics.

sketch for the Fritzi Flock Friday assignment "The Early Bird Catches The Worm"

illustrating the elements for the memory album

Last week I finished another project - a hand painted cloud cuddle pillow for little Lara and thanks to the Slow Fashion Cafe in Krakow where I go to sew my pillows I managed to finish it on time. I really enjoy going there as the IWAK (International Women Association) Slow Fashion Design Group is meeting there every Tuesday so we can chat and exchange ideas and see what others are working on. 

hand painted cloud cuddle pillow

hand painted cloud cuddle pillow

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