Friday, June 13, 2014

Third Anniversary of Les Chérubins

Third Anniversary
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Happy 3rd Anniversary to my little brand  Les Chérubins!!!

Happy Anniversary - original ink and watercolors illustration by Dominika Bozic

Highlights of the 3rd year

Since I've moved to Qatar, I have been helping the Ladies of Harley in Qatar with breast cancer awareness events. And this year I tried to raise some extra money for people in need by creating a special painting Little Pink Angel.

I made prints, bookmarks, little art prints, mini calendars and postcards and was selling them at markets, bazaars and online starting from September 2013. I raised 1892 QR or a bit over $500 and I will give this money to the Ladies of Harley who also raised money for people in need who are fighting the breast cancer.

In October and November I started working on illustrations for my Christmas edition paper goods and participated in lots of bazaars and markets.

In November I participated in workshop with my art group International Artists Doha where we learnt a new technique of blind painting. We had so much fun.

Last two weeks of November we had our first visitor in Doha, our dear friend Maja from Croatia and we tried to show her our lifestyle and all the things we enjoy in Qatar.

At Souq Wakif with our friend Maja

Before I left to Croatia where we spent our Christmas holidays I participated in another workshop with my art group International Artists Doha where artist Ben Barbour taught us how to draw with calligraphy pen and black ink. I was not that good but I started practicing ink drawing after that and made lots of illustrations in ink.

Holidays in Croatia I used for visiting outdoor markets in Zagreb and well known indoor bazaar  Artomat  with beautiful works from Croatian artists and designers.

In January I was asked to design cupcake boxes for the famous shop in Doha called Sugar and Spice and together with my friend Claire, who is an event planner, to arrange decorations for their 2nd anniversary celebration. The shop looked so beautiful.

This year I tried something new for me - painting on a fabric, actually on t-shirts and dresses and a client was really happy with the result and me too :D

Hand painted toddlers dress by Dominika Bozic
On 30th April was the opening of our 4th Annual group exhibition of the International Artists Doha for which I created four mixed artworks all based on my childhood drawings.

4th Annual group exhibition of the International Artists Doha 
In May I participated in one more group exhibition with Qatar Fine Arts Society where I had one painting.

group exhibition with Qatar Fine Arts Society 

This year I spent lots of time working on forming a handmade community in Qatar. We formed a board team and each of us has tasks and responsibilities and in less then a year over 50 people joined us. We had few markets together, Qatar Tribune published a story about us, few newspapers wrote about our handmade markets in Katara. We also organized a couple of workshops for our members to improve their marketing and other skills. We didn't forget to celebrate our success with two parties where our members had the opportunity to meet and bond.
All of that took a lot of my time instead of  working on my own artworks but still I am really proud what I pulled off in this year.

In regard to the third year of Les Chérubins I want to acknowledge that I've created a lot of new artworks, had 2 exhibitions, participated in 15 fairs, bazaars and markets, participated in few workshops with my art group International Artists Doha, made illustration for famous shop in Doha for their cupcake boxes, had two giveaways and raised little bit over $500 with my pink angel for people in need who are fighting the breast cancer.

Now vacation has already started and I'm inviting you to create something inspired by my favorite time of the year - summer!

Original illustration Hello Summer by Dominika Bozic

It can be anything, a drawing, a painting, food, a craft... and post the link under previous post so we can all see it or even write a blog post about it :DDD
Come on! Join me!

And how were my first two years? Here are the links:
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Have a beautiful summer!


  1. Dear Dominika,

    Oh, how I LOVE your work!!! Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary!
    It's taken a while, but I have finally told my readers about you! Thank you for allowing me to share your awesome art and forwarding the smile you bring about.
    You can see it here:
    Lots of love,
    from this side of the globe :-)
    Karin Joan

    1. Thank you a million my dear Karin, you can't imagine how happy I am to be on your beautiful beautiful blog :DDD
      I'm sending you lots of love, kisses and hugs!

    2. You are so welcome!!
      And now you have inspired me to make some art of my own!!

    3. Amazing my dear Karin !!! I'm so happy you were inspired by my work :DDDD


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