Monday, December 3, 2012

Doing Loads of Things

Monday blog post #5

I'm pretty busy lately with all my art work but also with running a group of artisans in Qatar called QatART and I need to answer to emails from our members, post info and photos on our Facebook Page, send emails with information about upcoming fairs...
When I started doing fairs and bazaars in Qatar, I thought there are maybe few people who are making handmade stuff but then I realized there are so many of us and we needed a group for exchanging information not just about upcoming fairs but also about art and craft supplies, packaging supplies, printing companies... It became pretty big community with around 100 members in just one year.

This week I took a little break from fairs so I had time to finish some of my custom ordered paintings and to be with my husband on the weekend for a change. On Friday we went for a ride with my husband's friends and we spent almost all day out. On Saturday we went to visit my artisans friends in Royal Plaza Mall where they had a Holiday Market.

Using Mad Mimi for my emails

I'm sending emails for my customers and supporters, thank you all!!! I'm so grateful for that! for a while and 2-3 weeks ago I started using Mad Mimi  and I'm so happy with them. Emails look professional and beautiful, I can see the statistics for each email I sent...
Want to be on my mailing list?
If you haven't received email from me and want me to include you in my mailing list leave the comment in the comment section below or write me an email at

My latest custom ordered paintings

Angel with a rose 24x30cm acrylic on canvas by Dominika 2012, detail

Angel with a rose 24x30cm acrylic on canvas by Dominika 2012

Happy Bday Hannah 30x30cm acrylic on canvas by Dominika 2012

me and hubby at the Holiday Market

me and little handmade snowman, made by my dear friend Aly from Pink Pepper Craft Studio Qatar
I'm preparing for the next events at the Rugby Club Qatar and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Doha.
For more info check here

Love and hugs

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