Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa Clause is coming to town!

I'm a proud memeber of European Street Team on Etsy  and they have a cool and fun game - The Secret Santa Swap!

What is The Secret Santa Swap?

It's a project where you make a gift for someone secretly and someone does the same for you.

First we applied for the game and got a little survey to describe what we like, how do we look like, what would we like to get...

Then we got an email with description of our partner and had around a month to make a gift for her/him and ship it to her/his address.

And then we wait to get our Secret Santa gift :))))

My partner wrote about herself that she love music, if she's a color she'll be red, and what was the most important for me is this what she wrote: 'I would love to get something original for me'.

I've just came from the post office and want to share photo of me sending a gift. So exciting :)))

I can't wait to get my Secret Santa present :))))

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